If Women are from Venus, then this Rookie Guitar Player is definitely 30 seconds from Mars!

Where have I been since January 2014? Well, not on Mars, but a lot has happened to this guy. As with so many stories worth telling, the story of my past year begins with a girl!

After spending the past half a decade rebuilding my life and finally buying a new house on the outskirts of Cambridge for my awesome six-year-old son and I, no sooner had I moved to Cambridge when I finally met a woman, an absolutely amazing woman, who had also just moved to Cambridge. After thinking about nothing else for the past five years except being the best dad I can be, building my career and working hard to finally buy a house in Cambridge for me and my son, it’s funny how these things work out and when you least expect it, you meet someone, a genuine kindred spirit, who completely blows your mind and stops your heart in its tracks!

So, yes, my absence from the guitar and primarily from recording any guitar covers for some time, has been at least in part due to meeting a girl, a totally gorgeous, wild and wonderful girl, who captured this guy’s heart, caused my pupils to dilate, wowed me with her wonderful mind, and generally left me feeling like I’d died and gone to heaven!

…I still haven’t completely ruled out the notion that I’ve actually been in a car crash and am in fact currently in a coma, dreaming!

Thankfully, the dream is real and the new woman who came into my life in January 2014 is absolutely still in my life and, after a romantic first Valentine’s in Paris, a family holiday all together to Legoland, and many other adventures along the way, we eventually celebrated our first year with tickets to Swan Lake at The London Coliseum, whereby I surprised this wonderful woman in my life with a secret booking of The Royal Room prior to the performance, where, with a rose and champagne glasses on standby and a ring in my hand, I got down on one knee and proposed …and she said ‘Yes!’.

As a proud Dad and Fiancé, I’m truly the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, and although my guitar practice has admittedly been intermittent over the course of the past year or so, though never entirely forgotten, now my mission is to get the guitar practice going strong, and strive to significantly improve my playing …after all, I now have a captive audience who I’m subjecting to my efforts on guitar, so it’s in everyone’s interests for me to get a whole lot better, whilst striving to wield my six-stringed beast with greater proficiency and focus!

Now we’re all caught up, may I present my first guitar cover in over a year and dedicate this particular cover to my amazing Fiancée, Rachel, who also happens to be a fan of this particular band. The band in question is 30 Seconds To Mars, and the song is ‘From Yesterday’.

It feels great to be recording another guitar cover after such a long absence and whilst I know better than anyone that I do indeed still have a very long way to go on the guitar, hitting the guitar regularly again feels fantastic and actually playing songs, or attempting to play songs, that make those around us happy offers the kind of inspiring motivation that can only help to spur us on in our desire to strive to get better!

– Joel BB