It’s a Green Day

Life is indeed improving in leaps and bounds. My Son is now two and enjoys playing his drums to the Foo Fighters, so our home is slowly becoming a rock and roll haven. After a lot of hard work, the career is firmly back on track and life as a single Dad is good. As for the guitar practice, well, let’s review our progress.

We are gathering momentum now with the recent celebration a few months ago of having reached the dizzy heights of accomplishment represented in having clocked up one year of continuous guitar practice. However, since picking up a guitar for the very first time back in August 2009, can I really view one video post in all honesty as a veridical demonstration of momentum? …you bet! Especially given the efforts taken to get to the stage where playing through an entire song is even possible. So, having reached one year and three months of guitar practice now, and with maintaining that momentum in mind, I bring you my second progress video and with it a cover of Green Day‘s ‘Basket Case’.

Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day’s front man, lead vocalist and lead guitarist, has the gift of being able to deliver their punk rock performances with an upbeat flair, whilst imposing a certain attitude of contempt and rebellion. ‘Basket Case’ really captures this attitude and has been great to get to grips with, as it brings with it a punchy way of playing that mixes muted staccato-style fast downstrokes during the intro by Billie Joe, followed by explosive choruses as he lets his guitar roar freely as the rest of the band burst into life. I love it!

Frustratingly though, I think the more you practice, the more you realise just how far you have yet to go. However, it is important to keep motivated by remembering how far you have come. I am playing my second full song and despite my unrefined technique, desperately struggling to make the chord changes in time, especially towards the end, it is just a great song to practice and always leaves me energised, uplifted and wanting more! If that sounds a little too like a commercial for a sports drink, then I’ll simply say …it just rocks!

– Joel BB


One thought on “It’s a Green Day

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