An electric cover of ‘Wonderwall’

It is rapidly approaching the New Year and I will soon be reaching one year and five months, since beginning this journey of teaching myself how to play guitar. Hot on the heels of my recent post, paying homage to the Ramones, in the spirit of maintaining that momentum I have recorded a cover of one of the hits of Brit-rock legends Oasis. The song? Well, I have recorded a tentative cover at best, of that Oasis classic ‘Wonderwall’, albeit an electric version.

If I am entirely honest with you, I love the song but am not happy with my cover of it. I do realise I am still a relative beginner but think this song just sounds better in the form of the original acoustic version, or perhaps I just need to develop a more delicate touch for acoustic-style electric covers. Having said that, I did see Noel Gallagher perform this live with an electric guitar, and that sounded amazing. Proper rock and roll. I guess I need to man up to the fact that it’s not the instrument, but how you use it, that matters! Clearly, I need work. But then, I knew that anyway. Well, the first step is in identifying the problem and that really does highlight the reason for this journal: demonstrating the progress I have made on this journey, revealing where I am currently at in my efforts, and most importantly, what I need to work on. Hmm, the answer to that last one is easy …EVERYTHING!

All this self-criticism aside, I still got a kick out of being able to play along to ‘Wonderwall’, and it was quite a contrast to the heavier songs played previously, given that it was originally recorded by Oasis as an acoustic number. As such, any attempt on my part to cover this song, resulted in having to severely dial back the distortion and gain settings on my amp. Given this fact, it was a handy exercise in discovering what other sounds my guitar is capable of producing through my amp, notwithstanding the bottleneck represented by my limited skills in wielding said instrument.

Enough self-deprecation and on with some more practice. If my efforts thus far haven’t made your ears bleed yet, then I hope you will stop by for another cover, when this journey I am making unleashes another song from these rookie hands.

– Joel BB


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