It’s time to ‘Plug In Baby’

For some time now, I have been attempting to get my fingertips around a song that is truly an iconic, modern day alt-rock classic. A relatively modern song, but one whose intricate lead riff is known around the World, and is the signature song of this particular band.

What song could possibly be worthy of such an introduction?

Well, it’s a signature song by a band that really are in a league of their own and are lead by a frontman who is more talented in his own right than the collective combined talents of many entire bands out there. His vocal range is rather special and his skills on the electric guitar are the thing of science fiction.

I am of course talking about Muse and their innovative frontman Matt Bellamy.

The song? To quote that classic film ‘Highlander’: “There can be only one” , and for this band, the one song that stands above all others is the iconic ‘Plug In Baby’!

I have been desperately attempting to play this song for a very long time, and thanks to an ongoing effort to improve my dexterity, speed and co-ordination, am finally able to play it up to speed! In all honesty, despite feeling like my hammer-ons definitely need work, playing this song up to speed all the way through for the first time was one of the highlights of my guitar playing journey to date. Utterly brilliant! -not my playing perhaps, but the experience of playing along to this song definitely was.

So, at one year and eight months of practice now, I have finally got to the stage where I can play this up to speed, and despite the inherent rookie errors, I’m loving the guitar more than ever and enjoying the journey of learning to play it more and more each day!

Ever feel like you would give anything to be able to play one of your all time favourite songs? Well, it’s never too late to begin that journey! Decide on your instrument, do the research, make some sacrifices (time, money, etc.), and check out some online tutorials to get you started. Trust me when I say, the feeling you will experience when you are finally playing one of your favourite rock songs is priceless!

Despite getting to the stage where I can finally attempt a cover of one of Matt Bellamy’s most memorable guitar performances, I’m still really only in the very early stages of development in my pursuit of being able to play my all time favourite songs of rock, metal and blues …so, I’m hoping my ability to do these songs justice will improve significantly over time. Of course, ultimately, the goal is to go on to eventually create your own music, but, for now, I think learning to play the music of those that have gone before us is an essential and very welcome right of passage.

– Joel BB


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