A celebration of ‘All The Small Things’

Sometimes, it’s not about how technically difficult or challenging a song is to play, that leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment when you finally play it. Sometimes, it’s about the meaning the song holds for you, that leaves you feeling on top of the World when you finally play it for the first time.

This month, having clocked up one year and nine months of guitar practice now, I have made a special video for my amazing Son, who, at just over two and a half years old, already knows what bands he likes and plays a great air guitar! When I started this journey back in August 2009, I said that my life is my Son and my guitar. Nothing is more important to me in this World, than my awesome Son, and finally being able to play a song for him, a song that he knows and loves, is very special.

Although he has loved the Foo Fighters since he was a baby, playing the drums on my lap to ‘All My Life’ from a very young age, it’ll probably be a while until I tackle a Foo Fighters song. My Son also loves humming along to Black Sabbath‘s ‘Iron Man’ …how proud a Dad am I? At this moment in time though, one of his current favourite songs that he asks me to put on, again and again, is a modern pop-punk favourite. The antics this particular band get up to in their music videos, also make this highly amusing for my little boy. The band is none other than Blink 182, and the song that I dedicate this month to my Son, is their anthemic ‘All The Small Things’!

Words can’t describe how much fun it is to put this song on for my Son, pick up and plug in my electric guitar, and watch my Son either hammer away at his electronic drum set or percussively strike his little red Jazz III pick against his toy acoustic guitar …as we rock out, father and Son, to a simply awesome tune! Maybe not at rock and roll volumes, naturally, as he’s not even three yet and a father has to protect those infant ears!

Only time will tell whether my Son continues to love playing these instruments as he gets older, but speaking from the heart purely at this moment in time, as a Dad and aspiring guitarist, I am living the dream!

– Joel BB


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