The return of Metallica at Sonisphere 2011

Nearly two years on and I am still going strong, as Metallica return to Sonisphere on Friday 8th July, 2011, at nearby Knebworth, here in the UK. This time they are not alone. Joining them, are their brothers in metal: Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. Together, they represent “The BIG 4”!

Yes, this day is indeed a special occasion as I finally made the pilgrimage to see Metallica and had one of the most phenomenal nights of my life. Mind-blowingly awesome, truly inspiring and simply just unbelievably amazing.

So, I have come full circle. Alone and in darkness nearly two years ago, the melodic roar of Metallica emerged and changed everything. I picked up my brand new Les Paul electric guitar for the very first time and took the first step on this journey of learning how to actually play. That wasn’t all though. Somewhere along the way, I found a new way to deal with the day to day frustrations that this World often throws your way. I found a way to free my mind through finding an unspoken voice that spoke more freely than any words could ever hope for. Without wanting to start hugging trees or anything, in all truth, I found a way to live my life. In rock we trust!

As for this Sonisphere festival? -what a night! Anthrax kicked ass, Slayer’s set initiated one of the most aggressive frenzies ever experienced in a crowd, and seeing the excellent Dave Mustaine from Megadeth finally performing alongside his old bandmates in Metallica, was something I am sure most people would never have thought possible. It is truly a great day just to see these guys all bury the hatchet, join forces for the day, and simply blow our minds with their all-metal music!

Personally though, the highlight of the day for me, was one band and one band alone. Metallica. They didn’t disappoint, exploding onto the stage with an intensity that only ever increased, song by song. They were genuinely bloody brilliant, and I will NEVER forget the ferocious battle cries of myself and my fellow metal brethren, as if we were waging war, as we screamed in unison to ‘Seek And Destroy’! My desire to practice more and to strive to get better and better, has never been stronger!

– Joel BB


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