An impromptu performance ‘Outside’

Only eleven days after my official 2012 finale, covering My Chemical Romance’s ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’, here I am yet again with a last minute addition.

This time, it is an impromptu cover of ‘Outside’ by Staind …completely unplanned, but recorded nevertheless at the conclusion of an everyday practice session when I was simply experimenting with amp / guitar settings and arrived at a moderately distorted sound that I was curious about trying with some open chords. Given the combination of power chords and open chords, and the dark, appealing tone and overall melancholic style of it, ‘Outside’ quickly came to mind as a good candidate for a distorted open chord experiment, so I hit record on my Mac and decided to upload the resulting video.

Those of you familiar with this song, may notice I have converted the track to standard tuning from E-flat, simply for convenience.

As always, the built-in camera and mic on my Mac struggle with the sound levels and the video quality is never great, but the convenience of simply hitting record with no prior setting up of any equipment in order to simply capture a moment in time, is priceless.

I didn’t say it was a ‘perfect’ moment in time, but each and every moment I am playing is at least one step closer to simply being better, and moments like this when I am just trying something new, certainly help to keep things fresh, keep those proverbial fires burning brightly, and keep me striving to improve in my playing!

– Joel BB


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