Firing up an explosive tribute to Rammstein

Hot on the heels of my recent cover of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’, we once again witness another change in both pace and genre, turning to a mighty industrial metal band for inspiration, and turning up the intensity with an explosive cover of Rammstein‘s ‘Feuer Frei!’ …roughly translated as ‘fire at will’.

What can I say about this song? Hitting the continuous onslaught of sliding power chords at full speed definitely took some practice!

Out of curiosity, I decided to see just how loud a song like this actually is when I’m playing, so during a practice take I took the following screenshot from a free iPhone app called ‘Decibel 10’ which enables you to measure the current sound level in decibels. At the centre you can see the current sound level in decibels, to the right you can read the current peak level, and to the left the maximum level reached during the current session is displayed:

Rammstein - Decibel 10 Screenshot

…apparently the sound level when playing Rammstein’s ‘Feuer Frei!’ is not unlike that of a subway (a.k.a. ‘tube’) train according to the app, or alternatively a jack hammer at 1 metre, according to Wikipedia!

All in all though, this song really represents everything I love about the electric guitar. The ability to just plug your beloved axe in to your amp, dial in an abundance of distortion and crank up the gain …then just let rip and let go, as you hammer out the heavy riffs and do your utmost to make the ground beneath your very feet shake!

Playing a song like this is without a doubt positively cathartic, in its ability to really just let you unload and unleash that occasional primal need to growl at the world …and feel better for it!

– Joel BB


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