Getting vocal with Someone Like You

Eleven days after my cover of Adele‘s – ‘Someone Like You’ …here I am again, still a little bit obsessed with this melancholic but oh so soulful ballad!

This time round, I am celebrating having reached three and a half years of dedicated guitar practice since picking up a guitar for the very first time back in August 2009, and to capture the moment I am simply revisiting the song with a slight re-phrasing in order to perform ‘Someone Like You’ in harmony with the original breathtaking vocal performance by Adele.

It’s perhaps worth bearing in mind that it is still only three and a half years since picking up a guitar for the very first time …so I know I still have a long way to go, but I hope you enjoy this more complete cover as I strive to get a little more vocal in my playing!

– Joel BB


2 thoughts on “Getting vocal with Someone Like You

  1. Nice work man. Loosen up your fingers a bit, it will help improve your phrasing. If you watch the footage of Hendrix play “Voodoo Child,” at Woodstock, you’ll notice how loose his wrist is at some points, like his fingers are gliding just above the surface of the strings. It blew me away the first few times I saw it. Anyways, I like the song too..gonna have to steal your licks.

    • Joel BB says:

      Many thanks! …I really appreciate your feedback!
      The need to play more fluidly in my transitions, and generally more smoothly overall, is something that I have been growing increasingly aware of and striving to improve. I have loads of footage of Jimi Hendrix, incl. the woodstock footage, so I think it’s time to revisit Jimi!
      Thanks again …and also nice to know you like my approach to ‘Someone like you’!
      All the best!

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