Embracing a Mad World

Superman has his susceptibility to kryptonite, Achilles had his dodgy heel, and since I was a teenager I have been prone on exceptionally rare occasions to experiencing freak migraine attacks, admittedly only ever once in a blue moon, thankfully. However, last night witnessed the inauspicious and rather painful rising of that freak blue moon, so the monster inevitably emerged and today I am left dealing with the aftermath.

There’s something about the day following a severe migraine, whereby you are just simply operating on a different wavelength and an ever so slightly altered version of reality temporarily, as you re-adjust to the world once more.

It feels a bit like walking on rice paper whilst having a heightened sense of sound and vision due to overly sensitive …well, senses …that can easily be overloaded if a given stimulus is too over-whelming, and essentially needing to simply take gentle steps back towards the light of the modern world and gradually dial back in the sights and sounds of your life, though only at a pace that your brain can readily adapt to whilst it is rebooting.

Strangely, during this limbo today whilst my brain was rebooting following the migraine and despite the fact that it’s been ages since I last watched this particular film, ‘Donnie Darko‘ came to mind …and I haven’t been able to get that unique and rather haunting rendition of ‘Mad World‘, originally by ‘Tears for Fears‘, out of my head!

So, wanting to make up for lost time by venturing back into a bit of guitar practice, which wouldn’t even have been humanly possible during the actual migraine yesterday, I decided to do an incredibly simple cover of ‘Mad World’ based on the very minimalist and significantly slower version that Gary Jules and Michael Andrews produced for the film ‘Donnie Darko’.

My ESP is just not designed to be played ‘gently’ though, so keeping the volume to low levels in order to gently tease out the chords at the delightfully meditative pace that this particular version of the song takes, definitely required a subtle, more tentative approach in my playing, but this song was the perfect choice given my state of mind today!

Now, with some guitar practice under my belt for the day and feeling rather chilled out given the tempo, I just need to go and enjoy an evening revisiting that cult film as my brain finishes its reboot and I complete my return to reality!

…is that a freakishly large rabbit I see?

– Joel BB


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