Audioslave – Be Yourself …only better!

I plug in my ESP electric guitar and practice whenever time permits and hope it will be enough to keep going and continue on the path to simply being better. Ultimately though, I have to live according to the priorities that I have in my life and whilst the electric guitar is very near the top of the list, sometimes other areas of life eclipse my guitar practice and the object of my six-stringed obsession is temporarily obscured.

Thankfully, it is only temporary, and life is now returning to a more harmonious equilibrium in which the guitar can once again get the attention it deserves. So, after more weeks than I care to count, I am finally back with a new video and a new song under my belt, following in the footsteps of the legend that is Tom Morello once again, this time with a simple attempt at one of the songs from the supergroup Tom was a key member of, along with the fantastic Chris Cornell. The band is of course Audioslave, and the song I have chosen to cover this month is Audioslave’s – Be Yourself.

Yes, I need work. A lot of work. But I’m going to avoid the self-destructive critique today and simply rejoice in getting back on the horse. It’s not that I ever entirely stopped practicing you understand. Simply that an exciting career move and resulting change in company, that is ultimately for the better, nevertheless resulted in a temporary reduction in available hours to practice in the evening due to getting home a little later and, as a consequence, having less free time available in the evening to fit in life’s other necessities.

Focused on resolving the situation, I realised that this just required a general restructuring of my life accordingly to ensure I now fit in any exercise at the crack of dawn, well, 05:30 am, and as a result of not needing to fit quite as many things into my evenings throughout the week, have once again therefore successfully liberated the night, well at least enough of it to have the time once again to more frequently plug in my ESP and continue to clock up the fretboard miles!

So, in keeping with the song’s title, my mantra this month has indeed become: Be Yourself …only better! Naturally, it’s important to always be true to yourself, but evolve, restructure, reorganise, and continually strive to find a way to make time for those things in life that you hold dear!

Personally, there’s nothing in this world more important to me than my awesome four-year-old Son …and my guitar. Though generally keeping the career on track is handy to ensure we have a roof over our heads …rain would definitely wreak havoc with the amp!

– Joel BB


2 thoughts on “Audioslave – Be Yourself …only better!

  1. How true. water and electricity don’t really like each other. Roofs are nice if somewhat taken for granted once in a while. Sounds like you got priorities and stick by them. Awesome. Cool playing.

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