Be Yourself 2.0

Exactly one week after my cover of Audioslave‘s – Be Yourself, I am following in Tom Morello‘s footsteps once again, performing take two of ‘Be Yourself’ …I guess you can think of it as ‘Be Yourself 2.0’.

Why the second take? Well, aside from the fact I’m generally never happy with any cover I’ve ever done so an opportunity to improve a given cover is always welcome, it is actually Father’s Day here in the UK and I am enjoying a moment this evening to simply celebrate the occasion whilst hopefully recording a more determined attempt at the song, and perhaps a cover that is more me. Above and beyond that though, given that it is indeed Father’s Day and I have enjoyed a fantastic weekend with my four-year-old son Joseph, then it does seem fitting to dedicate this cover today to my amazing son!

As for the cover, it is heavier, though noisier, truthfully still in need of work and a sign that I am ultimately still in need of work, so all in all my playing has a looong way to go, but today, as I said, this cover of Audioslave’s ‘Be Yourself’ is above all else a shout out to my awesome son …I hope he will always be proud to be himself, and as his father, I know I will always be proud of him!

– Joel BB


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